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2016 Indian Chieftain Review

2016 Indian Chieftain on www.Totalmotorcycle.com

In touch with its past, but far ahead of its time…

This powerful, versatile, next-generation bagger treats riders to a hint of tradition and a strong dose of distinctive attitude.

2016 Indian® Chief® Classic, Indian® Chief® Vintage and Indian® Chieftain®

For 2016, Indian Motorcycle returns with its award-winning lineup of Indian Chief models delivering the power, handling, unmatched engineering and stunning beauty of the industry’s hottest heavyweight cruisers. Powered by the proven Thunder Stroke 111 engine and covered in premium chrome, the Indian Chief family delivers the impeccable styling and sophisticated performance of the Chief Classic; the classic looks, beautiful fringed leather saddle bags and paint schemes of the Chief Vintage, and the cruising comfort and exceptional handling of the Indian Chieftain hard bagger. Continuing its tradition of stunning colors and head-turning two-tone paint palettes, the 2016 Indian Chief lineup, starting at $17,699, offers gorgeous new color options that include:

– Indian Chief Classic: Pearl White
– Indian Chief Vintage: Star Silver & Thunder Black
– Indian Chieftain: Silver Smoke, Indian Motorcycle Red & Ivory Cream, Star Silver & Thunder Black


The 2016 Indian® Chieftain™ is in touch with its past, but far ahead of its time. It’s the first Indian Motorcycle® ever with a hard fairing, hard saddlebags and unprecedented new comfort and convenience features. It’s like no Indian Motorcycle® ever seen before, yet its style makes clear it has the DNA of a legendary Indian Motorcycle®.

2016 Chief Dark Horse | Chief Classic | Chief Vintage | Chieftain

For 2016, Indian Motorcycle continues to sell its award-winning Indian Chief models, delivering the power, handling, unmatched engineering and stunning beauty of the industry’s hottest heavyweight cruisers and baggers.

The Indian Chief family has impeccable styling and sophisticated performance. The proven Thunder Stroke 111 engine powers them all (an air-cooled version is on the Chief Dark Horse, Classic and Vintage), but each model has its own character and style.

Riders can opt for the Chief Classic (cruiser) with its classic looks, much cleaner now following some re-work carried out for 2016: solo vinyl seat, black switches, single headlight and cast aluminium wheels. It now also only comes in one colour; Pearl White.

Next there’s the Chief Vintage (bagger) with its beautiful fringed leather saddlebags and seats, and quick-release windshield (all as standard) making this the option for those who plan to ride on extended road trips. Four colours are available with one of these being new for 2016.

The Chieftain (bagger) has a large fairing with a power-adjustable windscreen (to offer superb cruising comfort), genuine leather seats and hard saddlebags with remote central-locking. It’s available in four colours in 2016 with two of these new.

Finally there’s the Chief Dark Horse. This is the most striking cruiser on the market. It is matte black from end-to-end with only a few flashes of chrome (accessories are available to fully blacken it out). This bike makes a statement even before you fire it up. It looks intimidating, but its low seat height and balance makes it very easy to swing a leg over and ride, plus it’s the best entry point to ride a Thunder Stroke 111 powered Indian Motorcycle. Propelled by 139Nm of torque and the same chassis and suspension from the award-winning Chief Classic, the Chief Dark Horse rolls with ABS, a remote key fob for keyless ignition and electronic cruise control.

The colour options for all of the Chief models this year are:

Chief Classic 
Pearl White – NEW
Chief Vintage
Star Silver and Thunder Black – NEW
Thunder Black
Indian Motorcycle Red
Willow Green and Ivory Cream
Silver Smoke – NEW
Star Silver and Thunder Black – NEW
Thunder Black
Indian Motorcycle Red
Chief Dark Horse 
Thunder Black Smoke

2016 Indian Chieftain www.Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features

Followers need not apply. Built to go your own way, this hard-bagger rides a lane apart.

The Thunder Stroke® 111 V-Twin is the powerful heart & soul, delivering 119 ft-lbs of torque, tremendous acceleration & an exhaust note from its true dual exhaust that is music to a real rider’s ears.

The Indian® Chieftain® has advanced features to optimize the ride experience. With automotive-quality ABS braking, you ride with confidence that you’ll brake under control in all situations. The cruise control is easy to set & adjust so you enjoy smooth, relaxed cruising.

The windshield atop the stylish, protective fairing can be raised or lowered electronically with the push of a handlebar-mounted button. A rider can lower the windshield to enjoy cooling airflow or raise it to block wind & rain.

Never fumble with a key again. With the key fob in your pocket, just climb on, start it up & ride. Walk away with confidence, too. The engine will only start & run when the fob is in close proximity to the bike. Misplace the fob? Just enter your personal security code and ride on.

The Indian® Chieftain® steering geometry is engineered to deliver light, responsive handing whether this faired bike is being ridden solo with no cargo, or 2-up with full saddlebags. It delivers handling more like a sport bike than a heavyweight bagger.

The fairing features an integrated audio system that delivers premium-quality sound from dual high-output speakers. An audio source such as a smart phone can be connected by cable or through Bluetooth® connectivity.

Riders’ cargo is protected in the convenient, spacious hard saddlebags that have lockable lids with weatherproof seals. The lids can be locked electronically using a console-mounted button – or the bike’s key fob.

2016 Indian Chieftain www.Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits

Hope You Like Being the Center of Attention

A rolling testament to American ingenuity. The first faired, hard bagger Indian motorcycle is a stunning bike. Cruise around town. Roar down the freeway with the music blasting. Take a long trip across state lines. Then put down the side stand, take a step back and look at one of the most striking motorcycles ever made.

hunder Stroke™ 111 The Thunder Stroke™ 111 engine delivers an incredible 138.9 Nm (102.4 ft-lbs) of torque and features styling that pays tribute to legendary Indian Motorcycle® engines of the past. 

HARD SADDLEBAGS Spacious hard saddlebags are mounted on quick-release anchors and feature remote electronic locks you control with a console mounted button – or a convenient key fob. 

WINDSHIELD Raise and lower the power-adjustable windscreen with the push of a button to customize airflow and protection. 

HIGH-OUTPUT AUDIO The fairing houses an audio system that delivers clean, quality sound from dual high-output speakers. The aerodynamic fairing blocks wind to allow you to enjoy your highway playlist without interference. 

DRIVING LIGHTS LED driving lights provide both style and protection down any road you choose to take. 

AUDIO BLUETOOTH The integrated Bluetooth® smart phone connection makes it easy to run music stored in the phone through the Indian® Chieftain™ audio system. Playlist info is displayed on the multi-function display screen, and switches near the handgrip make it easy to control the audio. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Sig, Inc. 

Keyless Ignition – Enjoy convenient and secure keyless starting. With the Indian® Chieftain™ key fob in your pocket, climb on the bike, push a button and ride. If you misplace the fob, use the individual security code that you pre-programmed into the ignition. 

True Dual Exhaust – The engine produces a rich exhaust note from the true dual exhaust. The exhaust was acoustically engineered to eliminate high-pitched sounds, so what you really hear is Indian Motorcycle® thunder. 

VINTAGE BADGING Indian Motorcycle® Badging: One of the classic elements of an Indian Motorcycle® is the vintage badging. Ever since the Indian® script logo was first created in 1910, this feature has made the Indian Motorcycle® badging a hallmark of this historic brand. 

WAR BONNET Lighting the way as it has done since 1947 is the iconic War Bonnet. Mounted proudly atop the front fender in a chrome frame, this light makes it clear, “This is a genuine Indian Motorcycle®.” 

VALENCED FENDERS Stylish, elegant and functional, the iconic valenced fenders, standard since 1940, enhance the flowing styling lines of every Indian Motorcycle®. They also provide protection, effectively blocking road spray and gravel kicked up by the tyres. 

BRAKE CALIPER COVERS Every Indian Motorcycle® is equipped with outstanding brakes, and in keeping with our traditional styling, we choose to cover the calipers. The result is a clean, stylish, beautifully finished sheet metal – iconic Indian Motorcycle® valenced fenders. 

Progressive Styling – The first Indian Motorcycle of its kind, the 2015 Indian Chieftain maintains the legendary Indian Chief styling, while taking this progressive machine to new heights with advanced features and premium comfort. 

Turn your Indian® Chieftain™ motorcycle into a rolling concert hall with this Saddlebag Audio Kit. Using the colour-matched Concert Audio Lids to replace the stock lids, the integrated audio system will deliver powerful, premium-quality audio to complement the output from your fairing speakers. 

QUICK RELEASE PASSENGER BACKREST Provide your passenger with a strong, secure, comfortable backrest in just seconds by adding this Standard Height Quick Release Passenger Backrest to an Indian® motorcycle. The backrest’s Quick Release technology lets you install or remove the entire backrest in seconds – without tools! *Luggage rack sold separately


Premium Concert Saddlebag Audio Kit

Boost the volume and audio quality of your open road playlists with a set of premium speakers in your saddlebag lids. Premium Concert Audio delivers twice the power as the Standard Concert Audio, and the saddlebag lid speaker output complements audio from the fairing speakers.

Painted Inner Fairing & Console

With a Painted Inner Fairing & Console, an Indian Chieftain looks like it just rolled out of the custom shop. They’re available in every one of our bike colors, and the original factory paint delivers a true color match along with an ideal fit.

Thunder Stroke High Flow Air Cleaner, Chrome

The stylish, branded Chrome Thunder Stroke High Flow Air Cleaner lets the powerful Thunder Stroke V-Twin inhale more freely for enhanced throttle response. Now 50-state compliant, it’s the perfect complement to a Thunder Stroke Stage 1 Exhaust (sold separately).

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